Petra Gawalek

FB 10 - Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften - Tierphysiologie

Research Interest
During my PhD I investigate the processes in olfaction using the tabacco hawk moth Manduca sexta. I'm mainly interested in the transduction of olfactory information from the chemical odor molcule into the electrical signal that is processed to the brain. Therefore I perform electrophysiological recordings from single olfactory receptor neurons, e.g. tip recordings and patch clamp. Here I can investigate the effect of different pharmacological substances on the odor-dependent response of these neurons.

Academic background

  • january 2011 -                PhD student at the department of Animal Physiology at the  University of Kassel

  • 01-01 until 06-30-2014   Scholarship from the Max-Planck-Society

  • 2003 - 2010                    Biology studies at the University of Kassel; Degree: Diploma




Daytime-dependent modulation of pheromone detection in the hawkmoth
Manduca sexta

107th annual meeting of the German Zoological Society, Göttingen

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