M.Sc. Psychologie Marlene Batzke

Research Interest
Being a social and environmental psychologist, I am particularly interested in how people deal with internal and external conflict situations. How do people handle attitude-behavior discrepancies, contradictions and ambivalences? How do they behave in dilemma situations? I focus on the processes of norm and value development and their change - within individuals as well as with regard to social change in societies. How do the changing environmental demands and the personal response to them influence the individual’s self-image? These processes are of particular relevance with regard to the challenges of the environmental and climate crisis and the associated socio-ecological transformation.

Academic background


PhD student at the Center for Environmental Systems Research, University
of Kassel, Germany (Prof. Andreas Ernst)


M.Sc. in Psychology, University of Marburg, Germany


B.Sc. in Psychology, University of Marburg, Germany


Study abroad at Pennsylvania State University, USA


Scholar of the Studienstiftung des
deutschen Volkes


Student research assistant (research group: methodology, Prof. Mario

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