Externally funded project

Modellhafte Anwendung und Prüfung von Managementtools zur Förderung von Tiergesundheit und Verbraucherschutz in der ökologischen Schweinehaltung (Managementtools)

Project Details
Project duration: 01/201007/2012


In a pilot project on 10 organic farms with fattening pigs, the use of
different management tools to improve animal health has been assessed.
The use of a web-based data acquisition programme (Nutriweb®) was
implemented to improve the availability of data for farmers, advisors
and the farm veterinarian. Within the system, the results of clinical
findings on carcass at the slaughterhouse were linked to the information
of health related factors and production processes on the farms.
Selection of farm-specific measures regarding the most effective and
efficient measures to improve animal health was based on the analysis of
internal control processes, using a software-based impact matrix. The
use of both management tools provides potential for improvements of
animal health status through a systemic analysis of the farm specific
conditions. However, there are considerable obstacles with respect to
the implementation of a comprehensive documentation on the one and the
implementation of health related measures on the other hand. Main causes
for farmers for being hesitant in implementing relevant health related
measures are seen in the absence of adequate incentives to improve a
suboptimal animal health status.



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