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PhosMOrg - Phosphoregulation of Biomolecules: from Mechanisms to Organisms (PhosMOrg)

Project Details
Project duration: 20172021


Verbundprojekt (Projektlinie Zukunft).

Our body consists of 200 different cell types, which work in concert to
maintain the functions and the homeostasis of the organism. Individual cells
regulate their biochemical and physical response precisely by chemically
modifying their biomolecules. The most common modification of biomolecules is
the addition and removal of phosphate groups, i.e. phosphorylation by protein
kinases and de-phosphorylation by phosphatases, and its misregulation is the
cause of a plethora of severe human diseases. We propose to investigate so far
unknown mechanisms underlying phosphoregulation of selected biomolecules and cellular
processes involved in cell growth and morphogenesis. This approach is unique
because our expertise allows to address this question from a structural,
molecular and functional point of view and to test the biological relevance of
phosphomodifications in uni- and multicellular organisms. The topic is part of
the Uni Kassel focus area Nanoscience
and all participants are/will be members of the Center for Interdisciplinary Nanostructure Science and Technology (CINSaT). Our strength is the complementary
nature of the consortium covering internationally recognised expertise in genetics,
structural, molecular and cell biology, computational physics and chemistry. 

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