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Development of motor skills and social competences in early childhood. An intercultural comparison of Chinese and German children at kindergarten.

Project Details
Project duration: 03/201106/2015

The Institute of Sports and Sports Science (IfSS), in collaboration with the China Institute of Sport Science (CISS), carries out a research project on childhood development of movement (motor skills) and social competences. The project´s aim is to figure out whether there are intercultural differences in the development of German and Chinese kindergarten children. Over an 18-month period, at three measurement points motor skill development will be assessed by a specific movement battery for children (M-ABC-2) while the development of social competences will be measured by a questionnaire with kindergarten nurses. In addition to these variables, status of family, gender, siblings, membership of sports class, institution of the kindergarten and the cultural background will be recorded as well. A total of 200 kindergarten children will be tested by staff of the IfSS in Kassel, whereas the CISS will collect data from n = 400 kindergarten children in Peking. For the initiation of the project Prof. Wang Qing (CISS) already visited his German colleagues of the IfSS in Kassel in summer 2011. In cooperation with a member of the IfSS the common procedure was discussed in Peking in April 2012 and April 2014. Final results of the intercultural study will be expected in 2015.

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