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Alternatives to castration of piglets without anaesthesia – Analysis of the impacts of alternative methods on the acceptance by consumers and producers

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Project duration: 12/200804/2011


The main objective of this research project is the analysis of consumers', retailers' and producers' attitudes towards castration of piglets without anaesthesia as well as possible alternatives and their impact on meat quality and consumers' buying behaviour. With regard to all stakeholders, recommendations for the implementation of alternatives to castration of piglets without anaesthesia will be given. Nine focus groups will be conducted by the Department of Agricultural and Food Marketing in order to investigate consumers' knowledge about and attitudes towards castration of piglets and their reaction to different information about surgical castration of piglets and possible alternatives. Subsequent to each focus group, a Vickrey auction is used to determine consumers' willingness to pay for the different alternatives. Simultaneously, a survey is issued to scientists and representatives of retail and production companies in six European countries by the Department of Farm Animal Behaviour and Husbandry to explore the status quo and perspectives of producing, processing and marketing of organic pork produced using an alternative to castration without anaesthesia. In two workshops, the summarised results of both surveys are discussed with producers and extensions workers as well as representatives from retail and processing companies.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV)

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