Externally funded project

Auditive Anzeige zur Kollisionswarnung auf einem Baufahrzeug (Auditive Anzeige zur Kollisionswarnung)

Project Details
Project duration: 04/200612/2006

The operator of a very large construction vehicle is unable to see obstacles behind and to a certain extent to both sides of the vehicle. An auditory display shall provide information about obstacles out of the sight of the driver. As the visual focus of the driver is in front of the vehicle, obstacles, mainly behind and to the sides of the vehicle, may remain unseen. An auditory display provides obstacle warnings without interrupting the driver's visual contact with the work area in front of the vehicle.

This project designed and evaluated an auditory display. The display provides information on direction and proximity of an obstacle as well as system information like malfunctions. Auditory signals have been designed such, that they are audible in background noise (engine and hydraulics), sound pleasing, and support directional hearing.

Phantom sound sources, created by power level differences between speakers at the sides and behind the driver provide directional impression. The power distribution across the speakers is determined experimentally.

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