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Pflanzlich-tierische Stoffflüsse und Produktionseffizienzen in der urbanen und peri-urbanen Landwirtschaft einer westafrikanischen Stadt - Teilprojekt Tierhaltung / Phase II

Project Details
Project duration: 04/200903/2010

Urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) is increasingly important for the supply of food and non-food values to urban populations in Sudano-Sahelian West Africa. Extensive and intensive forms of UPA bear risks of environmental pollution and food contamination when using organic and chemical fertilizers, agrochemicals and improperly treated municipal wastes and sewage as inputs to crop production. The project therefore aims at a holistic, spatially differentiated quantification of nutrient inputs, transfers, losses and outputs in UPA activities. The development and use of a bio-economic model should allow ex-ante testing of options for enhanced nutrient use efficiency and indicate where to close nutrient leaks and remove bottlenecks for the various types of crop and livestock production systems. In this way it is hoped to reduce environmental pollution and increase product safety to the mutual benefit of urban producers and consumers.

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