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Semicentralized ventilation and smart monitoring (SLIM)

Project Details
Project duration: 06/201905/2024


Project description

The research project "Deployment of decentralized
fans for air transport in central ventilation systems - 03ET1200A", funded
by the Federal Ministry of Economics, shows that the energy consumption of fans
for air delivery can be reduced by 10% to 50% if decentralized fans are used
instead of throttling volumetric flow controllers for air distribution plants. In
many cases this is the more economical option. The newly developed concept of
"semicentralized ventilation" contributes to increasing energy
efficiency in buildings.

Based on that background and the great interest of the
professional public the following follow-up project SLIM is requested. The aim
of this project is to support the market introduction of semicentralized
ventilation and the further development of a smart monitoring. This is to be
achieved through three development lines. First, a coordinated component
portfolio for semicentralized ventilation units with decentralized fans is
being developed and offered by HOWATHERM on the market. This allows consultant
engineers the access to market ready product lines. Secondly, the empirical
knowledge with the semicentralized ventilation is extended within four model
projects to demonstrate a safe and robust application in practice. This
strengthens confidence among consultant engineers and clients. Third, the
development of innovative methods for smart monitoring to improve the operation
of fans. The methods will use existing measurement data to evaluate these. To
be developed are a) an automatic operating point analysis for fans, b) methods
for automatic fault detection and c) a self-adapting control (operating times
and nominal airflows). These methods can be used by both, semicentralized and
conventional ventilation systems in new and existing installations and can
significantly improve energy efficiency.

 work planning

The research project is being carried out by the
partners HOWATHERM (HO) and Kassel University (UK). The latter includes
ebm-papst, schiller engineering and innovaTec in the project via R & D
contracts (UK +). UK is the leading partner and, together with the R & D
partners, responsible for the following:


  • Coordinated
    component portfolio: UK + support HOWAHTERM in the development of the component
    portfolio and the implementation of the control system for semicentral
    ventilation units.
  • Model projects:
    Within the scope of four model projects, the knowledge of experience with the
    semicentralized ventilation is extended to demonstrate the safe and robust
    application in practice. The UK + take over the support for design and
    implementation of the concept, the costs for the measurement technology, the
    support of the measurement for three years, the evaluation of the measurement
    and optimization of the operating behavior as well as the cross-sectional
    analysis of all four model projects. The findings on operating behavior (performance)
    and planning experience will be documented in a design guideline.

  •  Smart
    monitoring: Innovative methods for smart operational monitoring in the field of
    fan-assisted ventilation are being developed.

Following issues
will be treated:

a.     an
automatic operating point analysis for fans

b.     methods
for automatic error detection as well

c.      a
self-adapting controlsystem (operating times and nominal airflows).

  • Communication
    and Organization: UK will take over the project management, coordinate the
    contributions of each stakeholder, organizes the project meetings, the expert
    advisory board meetings, and be responsible for publishing scientific papers
    and organizing the final conference at the end of the project. UK will also coordinate
    and merge the individual contributions into a final project report.

Principal Investigator

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