Externally funded project

WELFARE Quality 3.4.1®: Animal welfare of dairy cows in cubicle systems with a focus on lameness and lesions

Project Details
Project duration: 20042007


Lameness currently ranks third as culling reason of dairy cows after mastitis and infertility. Moreover, lameness and integument alterations affect the well-being of cows and, therefore, are relevant to animal welfare. In an epidemiologic study that takes place within the scope of the EU-project Welfare-Quality®, factors and farm conditions that influence lameness and skin lesions were analysed. Special attention is given to housing conditions and different management strategies.

In corporation with: S. Friedrich Löffler Institut, Celle, Winckler, C. Universität für Bodenkultur, Wien, Brinkmann, J. and March, S. Universität Göttingen



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