Externally funded project

FAIRDIENSTE – Fair Digital Services – Mapping of Controversies (FAIRDIENSTE)

Project Details
Project duration: 02/202101/2024


Companies that market digital products or services often face the
dilemma that their interest in customer data conflicts with customers’
desire for privacy. More and more consumers react sensitively when they
are asked to disclose too much data. In business model development, new
approaches are needed that take this into account and offer a fair
compromise for both sides. The project pursues an interdisciplinary
approach that includes both sociological and (business) informatics
aspects. Fair business models are investigated that aim at cooperation
and value mediation.

For this purpose, it is necessary to examine, among other things, the
extent to which a culture of fairness can be economically promoted by
means of social media or platform architectures through the outsourcing
of value conflicts and associated valuation issues. In support of this
approach, the Knowledge & Data Engineering Group will develop a
paradigm for the visualization of value conflicts based on mathematical
order theory.

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