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Self-Integration of Web Services in BPEL Processes

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Bleul, S.; Comes, D.; Zapf, M.
University of Kassel
Kassel, Germany
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Presented at SAKS 2008 Workshop, Wiesbaden


Interoperability between clients and service may not be seen as a

major challenge in SOAs but in reality services under change impose a ma-

jor hindrance in service management. We present a model and system for ser-

vice process management where we achieve self-integration by automatic mes-

sage matching and runtime transformation. We have developed the necessary

WSDL schema extension, a semantic discovery algorithm, and a runtime me-

diation system. Our matching algorithm can detect semantically related message

elements and generate appropriate XSLT documents. Finally our system dynam-

ically instantiates mediators to bind services to service processes specified with


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