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X-ray absorption and magnetic circular dichroism studies of ion bombarded ferromagnet-antiferromagnet bilayers

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Schmalhorst, J.; Sacher, M.; Höink, V.; Reiss, G.; Engel, D.; Ehresmann, A.
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Physical Review B
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Phys. Rev.
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The influence of He ion bombardment on the structural and magnetic interface properties of a polycrystalline Mn83Ir17/Co antiferromagnet-ferromagnet bilayer system is investigated. For annealed as well as for not annealed samples an exchange bias field of up to 200Oe is induced by the ion bombardment for doses up to 5×1014 ions/cm2. The x-ray absorption and the x-ray magnetic circular dichroism of Co and Mn is not significantly altered by this ion dose. For higher doses the exchange bias field is strongly reduced and accompanied by an increase of the ratio of the Mn to Co x-ray absorption intensities and a reduction of the Co x-ray magnetic circular dichroism signal. A model with a Gaussian-like intermixing zone at the AF/FM interface is developed to account for the observed changes of the x-ray absorption spectra.

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