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Erfahrungswissenschaftliche Evaluierung von sieben ökologischen Milchviehbetrieben mit überdurchschnittlich guten Zellzahlen

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Zipp, K.; Kusche, D.; Baars, A.
Mayer, J.; Alföldi, T.; Leiber, F.; Dubois, D.; Fried, P.; Heckendorn, F.; Hillmann, E.; Klocke, P.; Lüscher, A.; Riedel, S.; Stolze, M.; Strasser, F.; van der Heijden, M. and Willer, H.
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Werte – Wege – Wirkungen: Biolandbau im Spannungsfeld zwischen Ernährungssicherung, Markt und Klimawandel. Beiträge zur 10. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Zürich, 11.-13. Februar 2009
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The maintenance of udder health is one of the biggest problems in organic dairy farming. Therefore, it was the aim to explore the experience of successful farming experts to evaluate their individual complex solutions for mastitis ans somatic cell count problems. 7 organic dairy farmers in Baden-Württemberg/Germany were selected, who achieved an above-average low somatic cell count. Qualitative steeredquestion interviews and the observation of two milkings were used to investigate their knowledge and insight and their practical daily actions. The results were clustered in the following areas: milk analysis, animal health and therapy, animal husbandry and hygiene in the barn, milking machine, milking management and hygiene, feeding, raising of calves, breeding, stress/calmness/welfare and animal-human-relationship. Although all farms had average good somatic cell counts, they could be divideded in two types, differing in management, biography, experience and modernity of barn and milking-parlor. The results indicate that there are individual solutions achieving a low somatic cell count, but it is important that these fit to the farm methods. Furthermore some commonalities between the farmers were noticed, which can be starting-point for improvements in farms with poor udder health.

Erfahrungswissenschaft, Eutergesundheit, experience, Expertenbefragung, interview, somatic cell count, udder health, Zellzahl

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