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The Courseware Watchdog: an Ontology-based tool for finding and organizing learning material

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Stumme, G.; Tane, J.; Schmitz, C.
David Klaus, Wegner Lutz
Kassel University Press
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Mobiles Lernen und Forschen - Beiträge der Fachtagung an der Universität

Topics in education are changing with an ever faster pace. E-Learningresources tend to be more and more decentralised. Users need increasingly to be able touse the resources of the web. For this, they should have tools for finding and organizinginformation in a decentral way. In this, paper, we show how an ontology-based toolsuite allows to make the most of the resources available on the web.

analysis, concept, courseware, crawling, edutella, e-learning, eLearning, fca, formal, ontologies, ontology, p2p, padlr, watchdog

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