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Experimental tests and analytical modeling of UHPC beams

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Fehling, E.; Ismail, M.; Leutbecher, T.
Zingoni, A.
Taylor & Francis Group
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Research and Applications in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation

Twelve UHPC beams with different combinations of steel fibers, longitudinal and transverse reinforcement were investigated experimentally under pure torsion. Steel fibers having 17 mm length and 0.15 mm diameter with volumetric ratios of 0.5 % and 0.9 % were used. The average compressive strength of the reference UHPC standard cylinders was about 205 MPa. The UHPC beams with steel fibers only showed a ductile behavior. It was found that the addition of either longitudinal or transverse reinforcement to the steel-fiber UHPC beams added much to the ductility and very little to the ultimate capacity. The steel fibers having a volumetric ratio of 0.9 % together with the longitudinal or transverse reinforcement accomplished an effective load carrying mechanism after cracking. Only the case of both longitudinal and transverse reinforcement in addition to steel fibers provided a very high increase both in ultimate torsion capacity and ductility. An analytical model based on the well known ''thin-walled tube'' analogy was developed. The comparison between the experimental and analytical results shows very good agreement.

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