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Effects of learning design patterns in service learning courses

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Gerholz, K.; Liszt, V.; Klingsieck, K.
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Active Learning in Higher Education
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Students participate during service learning courses in a service project, which fits to a community need and has a link to curricular content. Students have a chance while engaged in the service project to apply curricular content in community practice, where they gain insights into civic engagement activities. Empirical studies revealed the effects of service learning, such as its influence on the self-concept, self-efficacy or attitudes to be engaged. However, a research lack regarding the link between learning design patterns and the effectiveness of service learning can be found. Learning design patterns are teaching or methodical interventions to support the learning and service process of the students. The article presents a study on the experiences of students and charitable organizations in a service learning course concerning the learning design patterns. A mixed method design including questionnaires and interviews has been used. Significant effects regarding students’ development of their self-efficacy, self-concept and attitude to being engaged were found. The qualitative results provide a deeper understanding of these changes, including the different perspectives from students and from charitable organizations. The results show differences in the learning design patterns perceived and its support for the service and learning process. 


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