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Delphi Study on Evaluating Information in Simulation Studies for Manufacturing and Logistics Planning

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Abel, D.; Wenzel, S.; Jessen, U.
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Journal of Simulation
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Information is the key resource for performing simulation studies in manufacturing and logistics planning. To build the simulation model and to subsequently collect the requested simulation results, this information must have the necessary level of quality. To evaluate the influence of information quality on the quality of simulation study results, it is first of allessential that the quality of information be assessable. However, to evaluate quality, it is also necessary to know which information in the context of simulation studies will be deemed as generally relevant. To clarify this question, a Delphi Study about information in simulation studies was conducted. Based on the results of this Delphi Study, a basic overview of the relevant information for simulation studies in manufacturing and logistics can be given in a clearly arranged list.

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