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A Comparison Study of Liquid Natural Rubber (LNR) and Liquid Epoxidized Natural Rubber (LENR) as the Toughening Agent for Epoxy

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Heim, H.; Tan, S.; Ahmad, S.; Chia, C.; Mamun, A.
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American Journal of Materials Science
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Rubber-toughened epoxy resins were prepared using the mechanical stirring method and molded into samples by compression molding. The aim of this study is to modify the brittleness of the epoxy matrix by adding discrete rubbery
phases to improve the toughness properties. Liquid natural rubber (LNR) and liquid epoxidized natural rubber (LENR)
were used as toughening agents in the epoxy resin to compare the properties of the modified networks. The mechanical and
thermal properties have been studied to observe the effect of the modified epoxy network. It was found that by adding the
rubbery phase into epoxy resin, the toughness of the epoxy was improved. A composite with 3 wt% of LENR possessed the
highest mechanical properties for both flexural and impact properties. The scanning electron micrograph (SEM)
demonstrated the discrete rubbery phases between the epoxy and the rubber particles. The glass transition temperature
shifted to a lower temperature in the dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) for the rubber-toughened epoxy


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