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3D nanoimprinted Fabry-Pérot filter arrays and methodologies for optical characterization

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Mai, H.; Albrecht, A.; Woidt, C.; Wang, X.; Daneker, V.; Setyawati, O.; Woit, T.; Schultz, K.; Bartels, M.; Hillmer, H.
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Applied Physics B
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Fabry--Pérot (FP) filter arrays fabricated by high-resolution three dimensional (3D) NanoImprint technology are presented. A fabrication process to implement 3D templates with very high vertical resolution is developed. Filter arrays with 64 different cavity heights have been fabricated requiring only one single imprint step. Different optical methods are involved in this paper to characterize geometric and spectral properties. In order to investigate the transfer accuracy of the surface quality from the NanoImprint template to the filter, we use white light interferometry (WLI) measurements. Surface roughness and structure height accuracy of <1 nm for both values demonstrate the conservation of these critical parameters during the 3D NanoImprint process. Additionally, an optical characterization methodology for spectral transmission and reflection measurements of the filter arrays is introduced and applied. A compact microscope spectrometer setup which allows efficient handling, high resolution and short inspection time is verified by comparing measurement results to that of an optical bench setup used as a reference. First, this paper focuses on the foundation of the FP filter arrays, second on the technological fabrication, third on validation calibration of the setup and forth on the characterization of the filter arrays. The measurements envisage the spectral position of filter transmission lines, the full width at half maximum (FWHM) and the total spectral bandwidth of the array, i.e. the stopbands of the included Distributed Bragg Reflectors (DBRs).

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