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More with Less. Vocabulary Acquisition through Smartphone Apps

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Mitschian, H.
Sanchez, Immaculada A.; Isaías, Pedro
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Mobile Learning. Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference Mobile Learning 2012

The challenges in using smartphone apps to work on new vocabulary are not so much connected to technical features, but related to practical usage of didactic knowledge. Existing apps limit the diversity of learner activities in guiding them towards a more passive-receptive learning which is not self-determined, while teaching and learning theories are pushing for more active-productive learning behavior with a high degree of learner autonomy. Using a smartphone app that provides no content but only a functional framework will meet this didactical demands. Students are offered opportunities for autonomous, constructive, creative, incidental, collaborative, affective, and autobiographical learning, which brings them better learning outcomes, additionally more learning competence and more media literacy.


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