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Drivers vs. Inhibitors – What Clinches Continuous Service Certification Adoption by
Cloud Service Providers?

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Teigeler, H.; Lins, S.; Sunyaev, A.
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Kauai, Hawaii, USA
Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2018)

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Continuous service certification (CSC) is an innovative way to ensure ongoing security and
reliability of cloud services by using (automated) monitoring and auditing
techniques. Yet, CSC currently remains underexplored and is still in its early
diffusion period, thus we require a deeper understanding about what influences cloud
service providers to participate in CSC. In particular, cloud service providers
are facing a trade-off between achieving unique advantages and participating in
a complex and effortful CSC process. This study derives a theoretical model
grounded on the Technology-Organization-Environment Framework and Diffusion of
Innovations Theory to explain why cloud service providers might be willing to
adopt CSC. To test our model, we surveyed 115 cloud service providers. Our
findings reveal that perceived advantages have a significant influence on
provider’s adoption intention and that they outweigh perceived inhibitors.

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