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Coupling of borehole heat exchangers with solarthermal systems

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Reul, O.; Räuschel, H.; Schmidt, D.; Orozaliev, J.; Gerhold, P.; Bennewitz, J.
Lee; Lee; Kim; Kim
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3463 - 3466
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19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering


The energy demand of buildings for heating and cooling is responsible for more than one third of the world’s final energy consumption. The direct use of solar thermal energy via solar collectors is a cost-effective method for energy supply lacking direct emission of CO2. However, since the seasonal availability of solar energy is limited, a seasonal thermal storage such as for example a borehole heat exchanger (BHE) field storing the heat energy for the winter months is required. In the scope of this paper a heat supply concept for a new housing area, based on a BHE field which supplies heat energy to a central heat pump in combination with a low temperature district heating (40 °C) for space heating is presented. The thermal regeneration of the BHE field is enhanced by means of excess solar heat available in the summer. The sensitivity of the performance of this geothermal system on geothermal material properties and groundwater conditions has been investigated with a numerical parametric study.

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