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Numerical simulation on the design optimization of compaction grouting.

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Anthogalidis, A.; Arslan, U.; Reul, O.
Hicks; Brinkgreve; Rohe
Taylor & Francis Group
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Proc. 8th European Conference on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering

In the scope of this paper the mechanical behavior and the design optimization of compactiongrouting is investigated by means of numerical studies.The finite element method (FEM) is used for the numericalsimulation. The extreme large distortion due to the expansion of the grout volume can be modeled applying acontinuum mechanical approach which is based on the Eulerian description of the continuum. To this end, theUpdated with Rotation Euler Formulation by (FEAT, 2011) is used. The stress-strain dependency of the soil ismodeled with the hypoplastic model by (Kolymbas, 1988), extended by (v.Wolffersdorff, 1996).An axisymmetric2D model with horizontally sequential column grouting is developed to avoid time consuming 3D calculations.Using this model the expansions of all grout columns inside the determined minimal model width are simulatedin a single calculation procedure.With the developed model a representative area of compaction grouting for aback-analysis of the measured data of the case history of a distribution centre is modeled. Compaction, settlementreduction and injection pressures are calculated with sufficient accuracy.


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