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Repeatability of anatomical-pathological findings at the abattoir for characteristics of animal health

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Hoischen-Taubner, S.; Werner, C.; Sundrum, A.; Blaha, T.
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Archiv für Lebensmittelhygiene
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The anatomical-pathological findings, recorded as routine meat inspections at the abattoir, are a valuable information source, enabling conclusions in relation to the herd's health status. However, farmers often question the exactness and repeatability of such findings. To examine the repeatability of the meat inspection, the findings of 20 selected carcasses and 20 organs with 11 veterinarians and meat inspectors have been analysed in order to proof the repeatability of anatomicalpathological findings. The accordance of the results has been calculated by making use of Kendalls Konkordanzkoeffizient W and feature-related percentage for agreement. The results for kidneys (82 % agreement) and pericarditis (82 %) were corresponding to a high degree among the meat inspectors. In contrast, the assessments of lesions of lungs (25 %), liver (30 %), skin (31 %) and pleuritis, (38 %) differed notably. In order to improve the validity of the data and their acceptance as a tool for quality assurance it is recommended to continuously analyse the differences between meat inspectors with regard to their individual diagnostic patterns. The implementation of a feed back mechanism is expected to reduce variation between meat inspectors and to improve the training effects in the use of the findings categories.

Meat inspection, Observer agreement, Post-mortem lesions, Slaughter Pigs

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