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Localising QTLs for leaf rust resistance and agronomic traits in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

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Kicherer, S.; Backes, G.; Walther, U.; Jahoor, A.
TAG Theoretical and Applied Genetics

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The Hordeum vulgare accession 'HOR 1063' was crossed with the barley cultivar Krona, and 220 doubled haploid lines were produced based on this cross. A molecular map was constructed based on RFLP markers. Field trials were performed over 2 years and at two locations. In field trials, resistance to leaf rust by means of artificial infection, heading date, plant height and Kernel weight were assessed. For leaf rust resistance, 4 QTLs were localised, that explained 96.1{\%} of the genetic variation. One QTL on chromosome 4H confirmed a position found in another genetic background and one mapped to the same position as Rph16 on chromosome 2H. All digenic effects decreased the effects of the respective QTLs. In addition to the denso-locus and the hex-v locus, other QTLs influencing heading date, plant length and kernel weight were found in this cross.

Agronomic traits, Agronomische Eigenschaften, Barley, Barley leaf rust, Gerste, Gerstenzwergrost, Heading date, Hordeum, Hordeum vulgare, Kernel weight, Korngewicht, Krankheitsresistenz, Pflanzenhöhe, Plant height, QTL, Resistance, RFLP marker, RFLP-Marker, Zeitpunkt des Ährenschiebens

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