Betriebliche Maßnahmen zur Gesundheitsvorsorge und Qualitätsverbesserung bei ökologisch wirtschaftenden Schweinemastbetrieben

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Benninger, T.; Sundrum, A.
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On 6 organic farms with fattening pigs an intervention study was conducted during three fattening periods. Measures concerning health management were identified and the cost for labour and finances were quantified. The conditions of housing, feeding, hygiene and management were evaluated with a modified CCP-Concept. Working hours were recorded by means of a working diary and by measuring the time consumed for cleaning and desinfection. The animals were slaughtered at an abbatoir which was equipped with a computer system for monitoring pathological lesions on carcass and organs. Data from the animals of the 6 farms were compared with data from other organic and from conventional farms.

In the first fattening period deficits on the 6 farms were identified especially in the area of hygiene. Pathological lesions at the abbatoir showed that 48,9 % of the livers of animals from the six examined farms, 67 % of the livers of the other organic animals and 14,5 % of the livers of the conventional animals were affected by milk spots. Less animals of the organic farms compared to the conventional animals had lesions of the lung. The labour time for the fattening pigs on the farms consumed between 2,0 and 3,7 labour unit hours per pig and year.

In the second and third fattening period the deworming and hygiene regimes of the 6 farms were optimized. The rate of pathological liver lesions of the animals was clearly reduced to 32,7 %. The costs for labour and finances in relation to the hygiene measures rised by 1,3 labour unit hours and 16,4 € per pig and year, which means an increase of 46,2 %.

It can be concluded that organic farms have the potential to aquire good hygiene conditions, a low percentage of pathological liver lesions and a high meat quality. The labour time regarding cleaning and desinfection ist higher compared to conventional farms. Preconditions for a high health status are strict hygiene- and deworming concepts. Farms that have stables which are difficult to clean are adviced to make structural alterations to their buildings.

CCP-Konzept, Entwurmungsregime, Fütterung, Haltung, Hygiene, Lungenbefunde, ökologische Schweinemast, Tiergesundheit


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