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Sequence and Expression of per, tim1, and cry2 Genes in the Madeira Cockroach Rhyparobia maderae

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Werckenthin, A.; Derst, C.; Stengl, M.
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Journal of Biological Rhythms
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J Biol Rhythms
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Most of what we know today about the molecular constituents of the insect circadian clock was discovered in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Various other holometabolous and some hemimetabolous insects have also been examined for the presence of circadian genes. In these insects, per, tim1, and cry2 are part of a core feedback loop system. The proteins inhibit their own expression, leading to circadian oscillations of mRNA and proteins. Although cockroaches are successfully employed circadian model organisms, their clock genes are mostly unknown. Thus, we cloned putative circadian genes in Rhyparobia maderae (synonym Leucophaea maderae), showing the presence of period (per), timeless 1 (tim1), and mammalian-type cryptochrome (cry2). The expression levels of per, tim1, and cry2 in R. maderae were examined in various tissues and photoperiods employing quantitative PCR. In brains and excised accessory medullae, expression levels of rmPer, rmTim1, and rmCry2 oscillated in a circadian manner with peaks in the first half of the night. Oscillations mostly continued in constant conditions. In Malpighian tubules, no significant oscillations were found. In animals raised in different photoperiods (LD 18:6, 12:12, 6:18), the peak levels of rmPer, rmTim1, and rmCry2 expression adjusted with respect to the beginning of the scotophase. The daily mean of expression levels was significantly lower in short-day versus long-day animals. We suggest that rmPer, rmTim1, and rmCry2 are part of the Madeira cockroach nuclear circadian clock, which can adjust to different photoperiods.

circadian clock, cockroach, Cryptochrome, Leucophaea maderae, Period, photoperiod, Rhyparobia maderae, Timeless

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