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Laboratory intercomparison for biocrystallization (crystallization with additives) applied to different wheat varieties

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Kahl, J.; Andersen, J.; Athmann, M.; Busscher, N.; Doesburg, P.; Fritz, J.; Geier, U.; Mergardt, G.
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Elemente der Naturwissenschaft
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The biocrystallization method is based on the phenomenon that additive-specific,dendritic crystallization patterns emerge when an aqueous dihydrate cupric chloridesolution with additives is crystallized on a glass plate. The patterns reflect physiologicalprocesses like ripening and decomposition and are applied in differentiating foodsamples according to feeding regime, production system and degree of processing. Themethod has been used for decades in organic food quality assessment from anontological holistic stance. The patterns are evaluated visually and by means ofcomputerized image analysis. The present study describes the development of thevisual evaluation from a morphological description of structural features towards theperception of a Gestalt, a salient, coherent ‘meaningful-whole’, which complies moreclosely with the pattern formation principle of the method. The methodology wasstandardized according to ISO-Norms 11035 and 8587 for sensory analysis of foodproducts, adapted for use in the visual evaluation of biocrystallization patterns. TwoGestalts, ‘Ripening’ and ‘Decomposition’, reflected in biocrystallization patterns fromdiverse agricultural products were characterized, trained on and examined. Based onthe statistical evaluation, it is concluded that the panel has become reliable andappropriate for ranking biocrystallization patterns according to the intensity of the twoGestalts. The developed level of Gestalt evaluation of biocrystallization patternsprovides a basis towards qualitative interpretative judgements on the food quality of aproduct relating to quality concepts based on plant physiological processes.Keywords: biocrystallization; food quality; organic food

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