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Warum künstlerische, gestalterische und bewegtbildbasierte Forschung an der Kunsthochschule Kassel? Why Arts, Design and Moving Image Based Research at the Kunsthochschule Kassel? (Translation Daniel Hendrickson)

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Schaffer, J.
Kassel, Hangzhou
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Accepted for publication


this text I would like to take up this question of the relationship between
art/poetics and scholarship (or, as it is often being phrased: art and science).
I take on this question in order to give a brief report on how we, some of the teachers
in the study programs Visual Arts and
Visual Communication at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, discuss this
relationship between art and science resp. art and scholarly research today. I
would thus also like to present a portion of our everyday work routine as
functionaries in a (West) German art school. ‘Today’ in this case means a
situation in which the effects of the neoliberal reorganization of the
educational system, and thus the constant battle around shortages of resources
as a result of wider policies of upward redistribution, can be subjectively
felt everywhere, and quite directly–as an enormous increase in stress,
pressure, frustration. 

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