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The use of banana and abaca fibres as reinforcements in composites

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Mamun, M.; Heim, H.; Faruk, O.; Bledzki, A.
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Biofiber Reinforcement in Composite Materials
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The fibre extracted from banana trees is a by-product of banana plants, which can be found in all tropical countries. Unlike bananas, abaca is inedible and cultivated solely for fibre extraction purposes. Fibre properties depend on botanical type, growing condition and extraction methods. The abaca fibre is considered to be one of the strongest natural fibres and shows excellent mechanical and chemical properties. It is currently used for pulping, cordage and yarns and fabrics. Several suface modifi cations can minimize the drawbacks of these fibres with the aim of increasing the applications of these fibres in the automobile and packaging industries. This chapter will describe the processing and performance of composites and the latest economic and technical developments.

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