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Functional microfibre reinforced ultra-high performance concrete (FMF-UHPC)

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Schleiting, M.; Wetzel, A.; Krooß, P.; Thiemicke, J.; Niendorf, T.; Middendorf, B.; Fehling, E.
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Cement and Concrete Research
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The present paper proposes a novel class of fibre reinforced concrete, realized by using shape memory alloy (SMA) fibres as reinforcement in ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). SMAs can change their geometry imposed by a solid to solid phase transformation triggered by thermal activation or stress. This effect gives the possibility to use one geometry of fibres giving a minimum negative impact on the rheological properties and workability of concrete and a second geometry of the fibres for maximum positive impact on final mechanical properties. The present work highlights the influence of fibres with various shapes on the workability and the mechanical properties. The impact of SMA fibres in fresh and hardened UHPC compared to UHPC prepared with standard steel fibres is discussed. In light of the advances related to the unique properties of the SMA fibres, this novel concrete is referred to as “Functional Microfibre reinforced Ultra-High Performance Concrete” (FMF-UHPC).

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