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Biorefineries at poultry farms: a perspective for sustainable development

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Odales-Bernal, L.; Schulz, R.; López González, L.; Barrera, E.
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Accepted for publication

Abstract Poultry litter (PL) is one of the drier and bulkier manures produced in intensive agriculture. Land spreading is considered the most common treatment option for PL, however this cause large atmospheric greenhouse emissions and consequently high negative environmental impact. PL has several factors that limits its sustainable use as energy source, thus still the necessity of more studies about sustainable waste management. The paper aims at: i) proposing sustainable pathways in order to maximize the PL valorisation process, based on previous experiences described in the literature; ii) showing the advantages of reforming poultry farms into biorefineries in Cuba. Combinations of techniques are used to increment PL valorisation, but only by modulating the theoretical data an improvement has occurred. In this work pathways for thermo and bioconversion processes were proposed which contained four major technologies for converting poultry litter into useful energy and fertiliser, being pyrolysis/gasification, hydrothermal carbonization and Anaerobic Digestion keys conversion technologies. Including technologies for nutrient recovery in the proposed pathways would allow better agricultural applications. The treatment of PL in biorefineries in Cuba would have a positive impact on the economy through income generation and savings resulting from reductions in imports (i.e., fossil fuel and agrochemical), employment creation, improved living conditions, and development at rural communities. Future studies should be aimed at evaluating the different proposed pathways in order to maximize the PL valorisation process, in addition to a marketing study of the different products generated through the biorefineries at poultry farm. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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