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Modification of self-reinforced composites (SRCs) via film-stacking process

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Jakob, F.; Pollmeier, J.; Bisevac, S.; Heim, H.
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Accepted for publication


This work presents the
mechanical behaviour of self-reinforced Composites (SRC) manufactured and
modified via film-stacking. For modification, interleaved films made of
polypropylene, a thermoplastic elastomer and a polyolefin engage were combined
in different ways to induce the elastic modifier into the matrix material. The content
of modifier was also varied in two ways. First, the films were produced out of
a single material and second out of a compound. So, the same content of
modifier was implemented in two different ways. It is shown that, in case of
this research, only the kind of modifier and the content but not the way of
implementation are responsible for the mechanical behaviour of SRCs. It is
shown that the modification can adjust the tensile strength, tensile stiffness
and impact properties in a broad range. It is also shown that different
mechanical properties of the composite can be predicted by a regression model
that uses the Shore A hardness and the content of modifier.


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