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Ultrafast nonthermal NV center formation in diamond

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Kempkes, M.; Zier, T.; Singer, K.; Garcia, M.
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NV color centers in diamond exhibit a variety of interesting properties
which make them suitable for different technological applications, like
quantum sensing, secure message encryption and biological imaging. They
can also be used as qubits. In order to construct arrays of NV centers
for quantum computing, it is necessary to maximize interqubit
interactions and, at the same time, minimize all sources of decoherence.
This could possibly be achieved by using femtosecond-laser pulses in
the production process. In this work, we performed ab initio atomistic
simulations to study ultrafast nonthermal NV center formation in diamond
induced by excitation through femtosecond-laser pulses. Our results
indicate that the interatomic bonding properties can be modified by the
excitation in such a way that a vacancy and a nitrogen impurity,
initially not nearest neighbors, attract themselves and form a NV center
within 250 fs after the excitation. In contrast to the thermal
behavior, here, the nitrogen atom starts to oscillate nonthermally
between two grid points after the excitation. For comparison to the
thermal case we performed a single run in which a NV center is thermally
formed at T = 1500 K in one of our supercells.

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