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Process influences in the combined compacting and back-injection process to produce back-injected self-reinforced composites (SRCs) - analysis via multiple regression modelling

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Jakob, F.; Pollmeier, J.; Heim, H.
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Accepted for publication


A new process to produce back-injected self-reinforced composites (SRCs) is presented. In contrast to other investigations on back-injection of SRCs, a process is presented which allows compacting and back injection of SRCs in one step where the SRCs are partly consolidated only via melt pressure inside the cavity. The mechanical properties of SRCs depend to a large extent on the process parameters of temperature and pressure during manufacture. These parameters are not yet known for back-injected areas. Sensors inside of the cavity measure the influences on the temperature and pressure conditions in the cavity. Initial studies on adhesion were carried out and analysed. For this purpose, shear tests of the back-injected component were carried out and a maximum shear strength of 5.81 MPa was determined for the materials used here. The investigations also show a dependence on the Distance from the Gate (DG) and the Mass temperature (TM).

First microscopic examinations show good bonding between the SRC and the injection moulded part, with no voids or air pockets in the boundary layer. It can also be seen that successful consolidation takes place in the area of the back injection.


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