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Review of Flux Interaction of Differently Aligned Magnetic Fields in Inductors and Transformers

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Pfeiffer, J.; Kuster, P.; Schulz, I.; Friebe, J.; Zacharias, P.
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IEEE Access
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Magnetic devices are used in the majority of power electronic applications, e. g. power
electronic converters, mains lters or burst/surge protection. Typically, they are the bulkiest and most
cost-intensive components. Flux interaction of differently aligned magnetic elds in inductors and transformers
can be one opportunity for size and cost reduction. It enables controllable magnetic devices through
an additional manipulated variable to improve application design. The presented article gives an overview
about different methods of ux interaction of magnetic elds, their background, potentials and open research
questions. The focus lies on electrically controlled magnetic devices, realized by auxiliary windings wound
on or introduced into the magnetic core to control its saturation and the inductive behavior of the device
by injecting a current. However, the given methods and explanations are transferable to magnetic devices
inuenced by permanent magnets. The background of the different ux interaction methods are explained
theoretically and veried by simulations and several laboratory prototypes. The focus of the simulations and
experimental investigations lies on magnetic devices for power electronic converters, whereby especially
ferrite core materials were used.


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