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Analysing the state of digitisation in SME – A survey based on an SME-specific maturity model

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Wittine, N.; Sutherland, R.; Wenzel, S.; Amaral Bicalho, A.
Herberger, D.; Hübner, M.
Institutionelles Repositorium der Leibniz Universität Hannover
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Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Production Systems and Logistics (CPSL 2021).


The prevailing volatile changes in the market are forcing companies to perform increasingly complex

planning tasks. Furthermore, shorter product life cycles and a more frequent adaption to customer

requirements arise from a sellers’ market shifting to a buyers’ market. Regarding the digital factory planning,

appropriate digital methods, tools, and models help master these new challenges. Depending on industry

sectors and company size, the application and implementation of the methods and tools of the digital factory

vary. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) show limited progress regarding digitisation

due to a lack of expertise and qualified personnel. Thus, identifying suitable methods and tools for SMEs is

essential for developing an implementation plan driving their digital transformation. Therefore, this article

uses a survey analysing and classifying the situation of SME via an SME-specific maturity model. By

investigating the correlations between the impacting variables, it is possible to identify the untapped

potential, forming the basis for developing workshops and training to gain experience in dealing with

methods and tools for digital factory planning

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