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AdaPT: Adaptable particle tracking for spherical microparticles in lab on chip systems (2021)
Dingel, K.; Huhnstock, R.; Knie, A.; Ehresmann, A.; Sick, B.
Journal article

AfD-Bundesparteitag. Inhaltliche Erfolge des rechten Lagers

Schroeder, W.
Audio, video or multimedia document (also online)
Age-related nuances in knowledge assessment (2021)
Schroeders, U.; Watrin, L.; Wilhelm, O.
Journal article
Análisis de decisiones multicriterio en la integración de herramientas de la economía ecológica (2021)
Bravo Amarante, E.; Schulz, R.; Romero Romero, O.; López Bastida, E.; Güereca Hernández, L.
Journal article
Analysing the state of digitisation in SME – A survey based on an SME-specific maturity model (2021)
Wittine, N.; Sutherland, R.; Wenzel, S.; Amaral Bicalho, A.
Conference proceedings article
An Exotic Layered Compound Consisting of Interconnected Arsenato-Polyoxovanadate Clusters: Thermal and Magnetic Properties and Liquid Phase Exfoliation (2021)
Mahnke, L.; Stehlikova, G.; Synnatschke, K.; Backes, C.; Naether, C.; Bensch, W.
Journal article
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