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Eating healthy or wasting less? Reducing resource footprints of food consumption (2021)
Helander, H.; Bruckner, M.; Leipold, S.; Petit-Boix, A.; Bringezu, S.
Journal article
Effect of conditional cooperation on energy saving: a mini-review (2021)
Odales-Bernal, L.; Barrera Cardoso, E.; Schulz, R.; Romero, O.
Journal article
Efficacy and moderators of internet-based interventions in adults with subtreshold depression: An individual participant data meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (2021)
Reins, J.; Buntrock, C.; Zimmermann, J.; Grund, S.; Harrer, M.; Lehr, D.; Baumeister, H.; Weisel, K.; Domhardt, M.; Imamura, K.; Kawakami, N.; Spek, V.; Nobis, S.; Snoek, F.; Cuijpers, P.; Klein, J.; Moritz, S.; Ebert, D.
Journal article
Einleitung: Sexualisierte Gewalt in schulischen Einrichtungen. (2021)
Glaser, E.; Retkowski, A.; Mayer, R.
Contribution in edited book
Einsatz von Füllern aus fein gemahlenem Kalksandstein-Recycling-Materialals Upcycling für Kalksandstein-, Beton- und Asphaltprodukte (2021)
Eden, W.; Schade, T.; Kolbe, R.; Wetekam, J.; Mollenhauer, K.; Middendorf, B.
Enantiomer superpositions from matter-wave interference of chiral molecules (2021)
Stickler, B.; Diekmann, M.; Wang, D.; Berger, R.
Journal article
Environmental and socioeconomic footprints of the German bioeconomy (2021)
Bringezu, S.; Distelkamp, M.; Lutz, C.; Wimmer, F.; Schaldach, R.; Hennenberg, K.; Böttcher, H.; Egenolf, V.
Journal article
Extracting shape and size information from fungal spores (2021)
Ordynets, O.
Research data publication
Effect of biochar and compost on soil properties and organic matter in aggregate size fractions under field conditions (2020)
Cooper, J.; Greenberg, I.; Ludwig, B.; Hippich, L.; Fischer, D.; Glaser, B.; Kaiser, M.
Journal article
Effect of Fibre Material and Fibre Roughness on the Pullout Behaviour of Metallic Micro Fibres Embedded in UHPC (2020)
Wiemer, N.; Wetzel, A.; Schleiting, M.; Krooß, P.; Vollmer, M.; Niendorf, T.; Böhm, S.; Middendorf, B.
Journal article
Effect of Friction Stir Processing on Microstructural, Mechanical, and Corrosion Properties of Al-Si12 Additive Manufactured Components (2020)
Moeini, G.; Sajadifar, S.; Engler, T.; Heider, B.; Niendorf, T.; Oechsner, M.; Böhm, S.
Journal article
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