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Ice particles sink below the water surface due to a balance of salt, Van der Waals, and buoyancy forces
Thiyam, P.; Fiedler, J.; Buhmann, S.; Persson, C.; Brevik, I.; Boström, M.; Parsons, D.
Journal article
III-V on Silicon Nanocomposites (2018)
Reithmaier, J.; Benyoucef, M.
Contribution in edited book
Impact modified PLA-hydroxyapatite composites -- Thermo-mechanical properties (2018)
Akindoyo, J.; Beg, M.; Ghazali, S.; Heim, H.; Feldmann, M.
Journal article
Impact of processing temperature on drying behavior and quality changes in organic beef (2018)
Gersdorff, G.; Shrestha, L.; Raut, S.; Retz, S.; Hensel, O.; Sturm, B.
Conference proceedings article
Implementation of Breed-Specific Traits for a Local Sheep Breed (2018)
Schäler, J.; Thaller, G.; Hinrichs, D.
Journal article
Implications of alternative routes to APC/C inhibition by the mitotic checkpoint complex (2018)
Groß, F.; Bonaiuti, P.; Hauf, S.; Ciliberto, A.
Journal article
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